Re-Elect Mayor Pam Triolo!


Anyone who has ever met Mayor Pam Triolo knows that she has a heart for ALL the people of Lake Worth and works tirelessly to empower, create and restore dignity and self-esteem. By creating laws that make our families safer, new investment that will help keep our costs down, innovation that offers a bright future for Lake Worth and solutions to problems that plagued the city for decades, thanks to Mayor Pam, a NEW Lake Worth is rising as a star that exemplifies the very best in Palm Beach County! Lake Worth is a unique and diverse community and Mayor Triolo wants to preserve the way of life that unites our city. 


Mayor Triolo is committed to sustainability, both financial and environmental. She has taken a city on the brink of bankruptcy and turned it around. She has weaned the city’s general fund off our electric utility and still lowered rates, built up necessary reserves in the case of emergency, and plans to reduce taxes as new investment continues. Her plan for eliminating disincentives has resulted in over 400 million dollars of new investment and smart growth. 

Mayor Triolo’s love for renewable energy can be witnessed at the new Solar Farm she initiated on our old capped landfill, the new LED lighting that grace every street in the city, that is not only dark sky compliant but a 2700 Kelvin, amber hue that not only saves energy but is safer and helps fight crime. These projects were financed through a performance contract that doesn’t cost taxpayers, as it pays for itself through the energy savings realized. She has also helped the city enter into an agreement with FAU to harness the power of the gulfstream, right off our beach, and turn it into electrons that we can utilize to power our electric grid and further reduce our carbon footprint and reliability on fossil fuels. The mayor knows how to create lasting solutions that protect our pocketbooks as well as mother earth. 


Now serving in her 3rd term, Mayor Pam Triolo’s dedication to this city has never been greater. The Mayor does what she says she’s going to do. Always! February 2018, the City of Lake Worth’s electric rates per 1000 KW homeowner, will be LOWER than FPL! Mayor Pam Triolo created an ordinance (law) that forced the city to be at rate parity with FPL and Lake Worth has just achieved it! A 120 million dollar comprehensive infrastructure program is underway to transform our streets, sidewalks, and the utilities above and below them. The Beach Casino and Park of Commerce are finally open for business and growing, roadways and greenways have replaced blighted areas that were ignored for a Century, building heights have been lowered to preserve our small town charm, The Mayor has used her extensive arts background to lure exciting new projects while respecting and nurturing the existing arts community, Lake Worth Employees are being respected and compensated properly for their hard work and Dixie Highway is getting ready for a transformation that will offer green, pedestrian and bike friendly options that will revitalize the corridor. Mayor Pam saved the city almost a million dollars on our police contracts, while increasing manpower. Crime is DOWN double digits. Property values are UP double digits. New single-family home neighborhoods, mixed use and commercial properties and businesses are bringing new life to our city. Mayor Pam knows that we don’t want to be like any other city, we just want to be the very best version of ourselves that we can. Support Mayor Pam Triolo and let’s keep this city moving in the right direction! 


“Lake Worth is my home and it’s people my family. Together, let’s help grow, nurture and protect our city and its residents while we reach the potential we so have so dearly wanted and deserved. Thank you all for your support and friendship!” Mayor Pam Triolo


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