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Promises Made.  Promises Kept!

My web designer and I had a meeting about creating this new website for my Re-election Campaign and he asked me what I wanted to say.  After 2 years on the job as your Mayor, there was just so much to talk about, I didn’t even know where to start! He showed me a printed copy of my old home page so I could start to put some ideas on paper. Maybe I could offer a follow up to the issues that got me into politics in the first place.  The things that fueled my fire and made me take the leap from resident and business owner of Lake Worth to Candidate for Mayor.


These were the promises of a totally “green” Mayoral hopeful whose only hope was to make things better for everyone. How could a city that sits at the base of one of the wealthiest towns in the world, with lake, intracoastal and ocean frontage, it’s own waterfront golf course, parks, a true haven for the arts and music with an authentic downtown with two main thoroughfares be struggling the way it was?  It was time to get down to business.  And we have. With the help of my fellow commissioners we have achieved much, but most importantly to me, and I hope you, I kept my promises.


It’s Time For Real Leadership!



Together, we can make
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Stop the Assessment Madness! Lake Worth needs to stop spending on “nice to have” projects and focus on hard costs and real needs and obligations.
REliminated the streetlight and fire assessments, cut the budget by 1.4 million dollars, balanced it and still put $900,000 into reserves. Uncovered nearly a hundred years of neglect of our infrastructure and urged staff to address these issues specifically potholes, road construction, fire hydrants, sidewalks and lighting. Everyone deserves basic quality of life safety and services
Create a sustainable plan for our fiscal stability, oversight and accountability. Hire an internal auditor ASAP and make sure the auditor reports to the commission, not a staff member. RCreated true transparency in the budget processes, reviewed and revised where applicable the business plans of all enterprise operations, tightened the belt on department expenditures, eliminated hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyers fees and ended costly lawsuits. We also hired highly qualified Kenneth Oakes, who has made numerous findings including a scathing review of our code enforcement department that has led to major changes which are underway. I fully support the PBSO and PBC Fire Rescue contracts. I will work to negotiate contract terms that ensure a financially equitable agreement for all parties. RPersonally negotiated a 5% reduction in the PBSO for a total of more than $600,000 over 2 years. NOTE: Lake Worth was the ONLY city to do so! Lower Utility Rates for ALL Lake Worth residents and businesses. Let’s focus on our exit strategy from our current provider and secure a cost efficient energy partner. I also vow to work hands on with the Utility Director to identify infrastructure improvements including technical and customer service quality. RLowered Utility rates 12%, will continue to lower rates and created a law that forces the current and future commissions to ensure rate parity with FPL! Negotiated a new short term power supply agreement that is considerably less expensive and created an Electric Utility Advisory Board (EUAB) to help us explore all options for our future power needs. In addition we’ve given Customer Service the training and support they’ve sorely needed which has turned the department and process in a positive new direction. We are also working to improve safety and distribution of power due to antiquated systems.
Keep our Beach Casino project moving forward within the approved budget. Ensure the new commercial entity is managed efficiently and with positive cash flow. RUncovered major deficiencies in the beach business plan, accounting for infrastructure and total cost predictions and am working to find solutions, all while getting the project open and running properly, including the pool. Build our tax base by attracting new businesses to our Park of Commerce, Downtown and Dixie Highway corridors by offering realistic incentives and streamlining the move in process. RWhen I arrived, there were $0 being invested in our city in new projects, according the to the Tax Collector and our Sustainability Director. As of December 2013 there were 36 million dollars worth of projects planned for 2014-15 and almost 40 million more in the coming years. We’ve created an Economic Development rate that lowers utility costs for new businesses that bring in 10 or more jobs, created a more streamlined building department process for permitting etc. with new staff to handle the load in a professional, business friendly environment. Code Enforcement needs to be just that... Enforced! Homeowners don’t need another reason for lower property values and renters need to be protected from substandard living conditions.
RCreated over 30 new ordinances to put the teeth back in code enforcement. Our former outdated and inconsistent codes prevented or delayed resolution of any kind. By bringing them up to modern standards we are now enforcing new laws that will lead to the elimination of blight and send slumlords packing! We are in the process of a complete overhaul of our code enforcement department.

Re-Elect Pam Triolo for Lake Worth Mayor

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